Dear Colleagues,

We thank you for your participation in the symposium Current Trends in Natural Sciences, the 2020 edition. Our manifestation, now at its thirteenth edition, underwent in unusual conditions, imposed by the new coronavirus pandemia. The online edition of the symposium raised new challenges to both organizers, and participants. We have tried our best to meet your expectations and requests before and during the symposium, as we think that now, more than ever, a scientific approach is necessary. We thank you for your understanding and support and we would like to ensure you that all these only encourage us to improve our performance.

Despite the different conditions of the current world crisis, the symposium attracted a very high number of participants, specialists from the field of natural sciences from 73 institution and 11 countries. Thank you for choosing to share the results of your research here, with us. Here you may find the Book of Abstracts and the participants list. Some of the presentations will be soon posted in the photo gallery on the site ( Also, the symposium Facebook page will host some of the activities from our manifestation (

The papers may be sent in order to be published in the Currents Trends in Natural Sciences journal (indexed in international databases). For the July number, the full papers should be sent by the 1st of June, 2020, and for the December number, the deadline is the 1st of October, 2020. The articles have to be written according to the instruction All the articles will be analyzed by the scientific committee, and the decision will be sent via email. 

On behalf of the organizing committee we wish you well, success in your professional activity, good fortune and prosperity.

The Rector of the University of Pitesti, Assoc. Prof. PhD. Eng. Dumitru Chirlesan sends you kind regards, congratulates you for your activity during the symposium and invites you the next editions, helping us to keep the tradition of this manifestation.

We will always gladly expect you at Pitesti!

With many thanks,

Monica Popescu

President of the Organizing Committee of the Current Trends in Natural Sciences Symposium, University of Pitesti, Romania

Book of Abstracts

Participants, institutions, countries

 Symposium program of the CTNS International Symposium, Pitesti, Romania, 07 – 09 May 2020 (ONLINE edition):

- day 1 (7 May 2020): Discussion between participants and organizing committee; Organizing committee activities.

- day 2 (8 May 2020): Discussion groups by email (with the corresponding author); Organizing committee activities.

- Discussion group 1: Biology: papers B-01…B-22;

Chairpersons: Anca ŞUŢAN and Daniela BĂRBUCEANU

 - Discussion group 2: Ecology and environmental protection: papers E-01…E-30;

Chairpersons: Codruţa Dobrescu and Monica NEBLEA

 - Discussion group 3: Plant science & Technology: papers H-01…H-38;

Chairpersons: Cristian POPESCU and Monica POPESCU

 - Discussion group 4: Promoting quality of life: papers P-01…P-14;

Chairpersons: Nicoleta RABAN-MOTOUNU and Monica POPESCU

- day 3 (9 May 2020): Discussion between participants and organizing committee; Organizing committee activities; Certificate of Attendance.

 Publication: The papers presented in symposium could be submitted to the journal Current Trends in Natural Sciences (journal indexed in international databases) ( ). For the issue of July, the full papers will be submitted until 1 June 2020, and for the issue of December, until 1 October 2020. The articles should be written according to the Author Guidelines - . The submitted papers will be reviewed by the members of the Scientific Committee and the final decisions will be forwarded to authors by e-mail.

CTNS Journal is indexed/abstracted in: DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals), Google Scholar, SCIPIO, Index Copernicus, CAB ABSTRACT, Global Health Database, Horticultural Science Abstracts Database, Environmental Science Database, etc.

International partners:

  Atatürk University,  Erzurum, Turkey

   Zaporizhzhia National University, Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine  

  Mansoura University, Mansoura, Egypt



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