CTNS publish original papers, presenting results of recent theoretical and experimental researches, as well as reviews and technical notes. The language of publication is English.

It is the responsibility of each author to ensure that the papers submitted to the CTNS are written respecting ethical standards regarding plagiarism, dual publication and figure manipulation.

The authors are exclusively responsible for the content of their articles submitted to CTNS and also for the validity of the experimental results.

The full papers for publication in Current Trends in Natural Sciences will be written in English. Instructions for authors are available here.

The Publication and Copyright Transfer Agreement, available here, completed and signed (in blue ink) by the corresponding author, shall be submitted to the Journal “Current Trends in Natural Sciences”, before the paper can be considered for publication. Please scan the agreement and send it by email to :b_science_upit@yahoo.com or use Online Manuscript Submission

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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