Roxana Alexandra Sabo, Paula Boboc (Oros), Timea Hitter (Buru), Erzsebet Buta, Maria Cantor
Full Text PDF | floral art, forcing, greenhouses, Turkish carnation.

The emergence of new varieties within the Dianthus barbatus species grown in protected areas and used worldwide in floral art implies their promotion also in our country in order to know the culture technology and the possibilities of use. The production of Turkish carnations in our country in greenhouses is a novelty and requires the knowledge of modern technologies of forced cultivation, as well as suitable assortment for this type of culture. The group of biennial plants, including the species Dianthus barbatus cultivated under the conditions of our country, are present in the gardens and park gardens for a shorter period, abundantly blooming, but globally it is increasingly used as a cut flower under forced culture conditions. The present paper presents general aspects of the Dianthus genus as well as aspects related to morphology, biology and culture in protected areas of the species Dianthus barbatus, “Green Trick” variety. Nowadays, it is worth investing more and more to invest in modern technologies or in new plant varieties, even if this sometimes requires patience and much skill. Also, in the present paper we tried to highlight the importance of Turkish carnations and the possibilities of using them in floral design. Floral art is the realization of a floral composition based on visual effects, in harmony and contrast, inspired by the beauty of nature.

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

ISSN (online) 2284-953X
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Publisher University of Pitesti, EUP