Daniela Bărbuceanu
Full Text PDF | distribution , Natura 2000 area, protected Coleoptera, records.

Observations carried out in May-August 2015 in Nordul Gorjului de Est, a Natura 2000 site located in the South-Western part of Romania, highlight four species of protected saproxylic beetles: Lucanus cervus, Morimus asper funereus, Rosalia alpina and Cerambyx cerdo. The mountain relief and local climatic conditions influence the abundance and distribution of the species in the site. L. cervus and C. cerdo are present in small areas on the lower level of the site with oak forests, being situated at the limit of their distribution area. The beech forests, dominant in this site and abundant in veteran trees, ensure optimal living conditions for R. alpina and M. asper funereus. Even if the species seem to have important effectives in the area, without strong forest management policies, in the absence of adequate legislative measures, and due the fact that most part of the area is private property it is expected for the populations of these species to decrease in the near future. 

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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