Ancuta Bangal, Ileana-Loredana Vitalia
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This study aims to explore the effects of a personal development program based on the technique of therapeutic metaphor on adolescent anxiety.

The unique experiences that fill the adolescent period produce sudden changes in emotions and give rise to emotional patterns that can deeply affect the personality that begins to take shape, mainly due to anxiety.

The applicative objective of this paper is to implement a personal development program, based on the technique of therapeutic metaphor, to help the adolescent to access emotions in an empathic way, to know his own self, to discover resources, in order to reduce anxiety.

The personal development program includes techniques such as creative meditation, role play, art therapy, drama therapy, Dixit cards and storytelling, applied to an experiential group of 12 teenagers and the psychological effects of this program will be evaluated both quantitatively and qualitatively.

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