Monica Angela Neblea, Mădălina Cristina Marian
Full Text PDF | alien flora, Dâmbovița county, Romania

A comprehensive analysis of alien flora from Dâmbovița county (Romania) was performed both on data from literature and personal observations in the field. The assessment of alien flora was focused on taxonomy, species origin, way of introduction, invasiveness status, introduction period, lifespan, bioforms, characteristic habitats and population size. There were identified 187 alien species of which 70 taxa are invasive and potentially invasive. A number of 138 species have been introduced intentionally in the area of Dâmbovița county, most of them being neophytes. There were identified some hotspots where 11 alien taxa have a high density, as follows: Ambrosia artemisiifolia, Sorghum halepense, Amaranthus retroflexus, Erigeron canadensis, Xanthium orientale subsp. italicum, Reynoutria x bohemica, Solidago canadensis, Reynoutria japonica, Erigeron annuus subsp. annuus, Robinia pseudoacacia, Eriochloa villosa. The largest populations of alien species were recorded in natural and anthropogenic habitats such as: railway embankments, roadsides, vacant lands, abandoned arable lands, wastelands, croplands, riparian habitats and degraded grasslands. The information regarding the habitats, size of populations and spreading of alien species are useful in order to take specific measures for their control.

Cite this paper: Neblea, M.A., Marian, M.C. (2022). STUDY CONCERNING ALIEN FLORA FROM DÂMBOVIȚA COUNTY (ROMANIA). Current Trends in Natural Sciences, 11(22), 178-194.

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