Necati Çetin, Mahmut Kaplan, Hasan Pınar, Kevser Karaman, Beyza Çiftçi
Full Text PDF | Pepper, energy consumption, moisture, durations, thermal efficiency

The drying methods have been performed successfully for many years in product processing and preservation. The moisture content of the products has been reduced to desirable levels with the use of this method. In the present study, the effect of different drying methods on specific moisture extraction ratio, specific energy consumption, effective moisture diffusivity, energy, and thermal efficiency of Pinar and Bozok red pepper cultivars were determined. Red peppers were dried eight different drying methods of six drying techniques. According to findings the shortest and longest durations were recorded in freeze and microwave (600 W) drying respectively. The greatest specific energy consumption values were found in freeze drying. Both 300 W and 600 W had the highest thermal efficiency, energy efficiency, and specific moisture extraction ratio, values. Generally, the greatest effective moisture diffusivity values were determined in microwave drying, while the lowest ones were determined in natural conditions such as open-sun, shade, and greenhouse drying.

Cite this paper: Çetin, N., Kaplan, M., Pinar, H, Karaman, K., Çiftçi, B.  (2022). ENERGY ASPECTS AND EFFECTIVE MOISTURE DIFFUSIVITY OF RED PEPPER: CHANGE IN CULTIVARS AND DRYING METHODS. Current Trends in Natural Sciences, 11(22), 53-58.

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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