Nicoleta Răban-Motounu
Full Text PDF | acceptance, awareness, compulsions, entitlement, obsessiveness, rejection

Many studies tend to explore a link between obsessive-compulsive symptoms, stressful life events and the social support received when facing them and other developmental challenges. While the compulsions are the most obvious aspect of this disorder, stereotypical behavior is encountered as a symptom in several other disorders and the underlying obsessions are less obvious, In the present study, we investigated the associations between obsessing, different types of compulsions and the pathological aspects of narcissism with some aspects positively associated with weel-being, like feeling of belonging and mindfulness, with its two dimensions, the here-and-now awareness and the acceptance of this experience. The data showed that on obsessing had a significant effect exclusion/rejection, awareness and the acceptance of here-and-now-experience; washing was best predicted by the feeling of being accepted/included (negative correlation); neutralizing by awareness, acceptance of here-and-now-experience (negative correlations), and entitlement (positive correlation); checking by acceptance of here-and-now-experience (negative correlation) and entitlement (positive correlation). Also, there were significant negative correlations between hoarding and awareness, but also between ordering and acceptance of here-and-now experience. The findings suggest different psychological explanations for the different types of compulsive behaviors, but also ways of diminishing the obsessing process and compulsions by developing the awareness capacity.

Cite this paper: Raban-Motounu, N. (2022). BELONGINGNESS, OBSESSIVENESS, NARCISSISM AND MINDFULNESS. Current Trends in Natural Sciences, 11(22), 195-204.

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