Viorel Ilie, Mircea Mihalache
Full Text PDF | earthworm, organic fertilizer, tomatoes, vermicompost.

The nutrition regime for tomatoes is very complex and must consider the specific consumption that differs depending on the variety, vegetation phase, cropping system and others. The super-intensive character of the protected and forced vegetable crops determines a special specificity regarding the requirements towards the soil and its state of supply with nutrients. Vermicompost, also known under the name of earthworm humus, is an organic fertilizer that is produced utilizing the assistance of earthworms. Vermicompost can completely replace any other chemical or even organic fertilizer, as it contains, up to 100 times more nutrients and microorganisms that are beneficial for plants. The researches have been carried out since 2020 in Matca, Galati County and aimed at producing vermicompost and testing it on different crops in protected areas. Tomatoes - Yigido F1 is a hybrid of semi-early tomatoes, with undetermined growth, intended for cultivation in protected areas. There were made determinations on tomatoes culture regarding the influence of vermicompost on the development of plants and quality of tomatoes.

Cite this paper: Ilie, V., Mihalache, M. (2022). RESEARCH ON THE QUALITY OF TOMATOES GROWN WITH VERMICOMPOST FERTILIZATION, SOLARIUM CULTIVATION. Current Trends in Natural Sciences, 11(21), 271-278.

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