Manuela Hermeziu, Radu Hermeziu, Lorena Adam
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At the National Institute of Research and Development for Potato and Sugar Beet – Brasov, Romania field experiments were carried out in order to collect data on quantitative traits (plant height, number tubers, tuber size, tuber weight) and yield of some new potato genotypes. It was used a complet randomized block design with four replicates. The number of steams varied between 14.5 steams / hill on genotype 1947/2 and 5.5 steam / hill on genotypes 1979/5 and 1901/12. The lowest value of the median leaf length was recorded at clone 21-1901/7 (56 cm) and the highest at clone 1947/2 (181 cm). Brasovia variety (control) has a poorly developed root system (48 g), also the genotypes 1891/7, 21-1895/1, 21-1901/7. Instead, genotypes 1901/6, 1927/1, 1971/9, 1965/16 have a high weight of the root system. Most spectacular production was provided by the line 1979/5 (77.90 t/ha), followed by the lines 1901/7 (45.55 t/ha) and 1939/2 (47.93 t/ha). The lines 1895/4, 1876/7, 1971/9, 1927/1, 1968/2, 1897/2, 1968/1 and 1947/2 also recorded significantly high productions.

Cite this paper: Hermeziu, M., Hermeziu, R., Adam, L. (2022). PARTIAL RESULTS REGARDING THE EVOLUTION OF SOME POTATO GENOTYPES FOR CANOPY DEVELOPMENT AND YIELD COMPONENTS. Current Trends in Natural Sciences, 11(21), 223-231.

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