Aurelian Leonardo Ilie, Mariana Marinescu
Full Text PDF | invertebrates, Bihor County, Tinca area

In this paper there were presented data about the invertebrates from the Bihor County, during 2021 – 2022. There were recorded 82 species belonging to 5 classes, 13 orders and 76 genera. There were obtained ecological data of these species, unknown in the scientific literature. The premature appearance of the species Pieris rapae L was observed about a month earlier then the period mentioned in the scientific literature. Many species in various stages of development have been observed to be active during the cold season, due to the relatively high temperatures recorded during this period, as a consequence of global warming.  The recorded data contribute to the deepening of knowledge about the ecology and spread of these species at the national level, some species being probably mentioned for the first time in the fauna of Bihor County. Most of the species observed are relatively common nationally. In terms of geographical spread, most species are European, others have a wider distribution, being cosmopolitan.

Cite this paper: Ilie, A.L., Marinescu, M. (2022). OBSERVATIONS ABOUT THE INVERTEBRATES FROM THE BIHOR COUNTY (ROMANIA) DURING 2021-2022. Current Trends in Natural Sciences, 11(21), 254-264.

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