Maria Denisa Cocîrlea, Simona Oancea
Full Text PDF | environmental stability, invasive species, life quality, products, sustainability.

Invasive plant species may cause not only several health problems, but also economic and environmental negative impacts – a gradual decrease of biodiversity and decline of soil fertility, issues that have recently come into the attention of several organizations including the research ones, in order to limit the spread of such species. The control methods of invasive species are often effective on the short term and include the probability of ecosystem imbalance over time, so that an efficient and sustainable management method that could add value to products or improve some industrial processes are strongly required. This study describes the potential of alien plants to maintain the quality of human life through different types of valorization, such as pharmaceutical, agriculture or food industry applications, energy production, paper technology and natural dyeing of various materials. Invasive plant species represent a global problem, accelerated by the current level of pollution and the rapidly-evolving society. Knowledge of chemical composition of different plant parts of invasive species, their potential for developing new products and their health effects will contribute to an efficient control, mechanical, chemical or biological, and an integrated management.

Cite this paper: Cocîrlea, M.D., Oancea, S. (2022). IMPACT OF INVASIVE PLANT SPECIES ON ECOSYSTEMS, BIODIVERSITY LOSS AND THEIR POTENTIAL INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS. Current Trends in Natural Sciences, 11(21), 88-103.

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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