Ionuț-Vasile Ungureanu, Iulia Mineață, Mihai Istrate, Margareta Corneanu, Elena Iurea, Iuliana Elena Golache
Full Text PDF | crown volume, cultivars, growth, sweet cherry, trunk section.

The studies were conducted at Research Station for Fruit Growing Iași in the years 2018-2020 on six cultivars of sweet cherry tree (‘Regina’, ‘Kordia’, ‘Hudson’, ‘New Star’, ‘Maria’ and ‘Golia’). The paper presents aspect of vegetative pomological parameters under the environmental factors of Romanian Northeastern area. The average of the precipitation for the three years studied was 475 mm, with a deviation of 43.05 mm from normal with a minimum in 2020 (443.6 mm/year). The average values of the area of the trunk section (TCSA) based on the average of three years of study for the six cherry cultivars recorded values between 67.77 cm2 (‘Maria’) and 121.58 cm2 (‘Regina’), with significant differences between cultivars. The crown volume had maximum values for the ‘Golia’ (4.56 m3/tree) and ‘Regina’ (4.53 m3/tree) cultivar and minimum values for the ‘Maria’ (3.78 m3/tree) and ‘Kordia’ with 3.92 m3/tree. The average of annual shoots and their average length recorded insignificant values among the cultivars studied.

Cite this paper: Ungureanu, I.V., Mineață, I., Istrate, M., Corneanu, M., Iurea, E., Golache, I.E. (2022). EVALUATION OF SOME GROWTH PARAMETERS OF SWEET CHERRY CULTIVARS UNDER NORTH – EAST ROMANIAN CONDITIONS. Current Trends in Natural Sciences, 11(21), 521-525.

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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