Lucia Macrii, Dorin Cebanu, Dionisie Zaharco
Full Text PDF | bulk density, chernozem, crop rotations, fertilization systems.

The soil health can be deduced by chemical, biological and physical properties. This triad of features influence each other and equally determines soil quality and fertility. The paper includes the study regarding physical state of the chernozem soil characterized by bulk density – soil physical property that estimate soil compaction.

The study took place in long-term field experiments of the Selectia Research Institute of Field Crop located in the North part of Moldova. The experimental data were obtained in 2019-2020 agriculture year. The soil bulk density, studied in different crop rotations and fertilization systems, was determined under winter wheat agrocenosis after harvesting in the 0-40 cm soil layer.

The researches has shown that chernozem soil bulk density registered more favorable indices in crop rotations that include: perennial legumes and grasses in a mixture or only perennial legumes; less row crops - which means minimizing tillage (mechanic disturbance of soil). Regarding fertilization systems – the soil compaction is lower on the plots with adequate amount of organic fertilizer.

Cite this paper: Macrii, L., Cebanu, D., Zaharco, D. (2021). THE INFLUENCE OF DIFFERENT CROP ROTATIONS AND FERTILIZATION SYSTEMS ON CHERNOZEM SOIL BULK DENSITY. Current Trends in Natural Sciences, 10(20), 112-117.

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