Daniela-Sabina Poșta, Sándor Rózsa, Tincuța-Marta Gocan
Full Text PDF | Catalpa, Nitragin, seed germination.

Catalpa is a tree with an attractive ornamental value and compact shape. Catalpa bignonioides Walt., is a tree with heights of up to 35 meters and a large trunk. It is an exotic species in North America areal. It grows well in a warm and humid climate, on alluvial, fertile, deep, temperate soils. It has a light temperament, withstands winter frosts well, but is sensitive to late frosts. The degree of germination varies both between species and within them. Within batches of seeds of the same species varies depending on the origin, year of harvest and individual trees. There are different methods and techniques for overcoming drowsiness depending on the seeds. Various pre-treatments are used such as scarification and hot and cold aeration to stimulate the embryo. The paper presents the stimulation of seed germination at catalpa, using different concentrations of Nitragin: 0.1%, 0.3%, 0.5%, 0.7%, 0.9% and following the seed germination interval.

Cite this paper: Poșta, D.S., Rózsa, S., Gocan, T.M. (2021). STUDIES ON THE STIMULATION OF CATALPA BIGNONIOIDES WALT. SEED GERMINATION. Current Trends in Natural Sciences, 10(20), 172-178. https://doi.org/10.47068/ctns.2021.v10i20.023


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