Bogdan Zamfirescu, Dorel Hoza, Madalina Butac, Mihai Chivu
Full Text PDF | cultivar, fruit quality, plum, rootstocks.

This paper investigated physical and chemical characteristics of five cultivars (‘Andreea’, ‘Piteștean’, ‘Romanța’, ‘Čačanska Lepotiča’ and ‘Jojo’) influenced by seven rootstocks (‘Mirobolan dwarf’, ‘Mirodad 1’, ‘Mirodad 2’, ‘Adaptabil’, ‘Redutabil’, ‘BN4Kr’ and ’B83-8’. The trees were planted in 2015 at 4 x 3 m and comprised 3 trees / 3 replications. Physical (weight, colour and firmness) and chemical attributes (soluble solids, acid content and pH) were evaluated and calculated. The influence of rootstocks on the fruit’s quality was very variable due to complex interactions: rootstock x cultivar, rootstock x year, cultivar x rootstock, cultivar x year. As results of the investigations, we found that some traits such as fruit weight, firmness, soluble solids and acid content of fruits have been influenced by rootstocks. ‘Adaptabil’ and ‘Mirodad 1’ rootstocks had a positive effect on some fruit attributes of all plum cultivars studied and can be recommended for extended in commercial orchards.

Cite this paper: Zamfirescu, B., Hoza, D., Butac, M., Chivu, M. (2021). INFLUENCE OF ROOTSTOCKS ON THE PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF THE FRUITS AT SOME PLUM CULTIVARS. Current Trends in Natural Sciences, 10(20), 157-164.

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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