Mehmet Yaman, Aydın Uzun, Ercan Yildiz, Hasan Pinar
Full Text PDF | Apple, fruit set, Kyrgyzstan, pollination

Apple is one of the fruit species in which self-incompatibility is seen. For economical apple production, pollination and fertilization are required. In this study, it was aimed to determine effect of different pollinators on the fruit set ratios and some fruit characteristics of some apple varieties and apple genotypes originating from Kyrgyzstan by hybridization breeding method in 2020 year. According to the results, the highest fruit set ratio was obtained with the combination number 54 × 36 with 7.37%, while the lowest value was determined with the combination number 54 × 56 with 1.88%. Especially the precipitation that occurred during the fruit set time negatively affected the results. In the fruit characteristics results, the combination number 54 × 36 gave better results than the other combinations in fruit length and fruit width values. On the other hand, 21 × Elstar combination produced the best result in terms of WSDM (water solid dry matter) value and significant differences occurred between combinations in terms of seed number. Evaluating the obtained findings as a guide especially in the breeding studies to be made on apples and in the new orchards to be established may be beneficial for the producers.

Cite this paper: Yaman, M., Uzun, A., Yildiz, E., Pinar, H. (2021). THE EFFECT OF DIFFERENT POLLINATORS ON FRUIT SET AND SOME FRUIT CHARACTERISTICS IN APPLE. Current Trends in Natural Sciences, 10(19), 170-174.

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