Anca Maria Zaharioiu, Felicia Bucura, Florian Marin, Roxana Elena Ionete, Simona Oancea, Marius Constantinescu
Full Text PDF | Bio-char, bio-oil, pyrolysis, sewage sludge, syngas

Combustion of fossil fuels, greenhouse gas emissions, large amounts of sewage sludge, lead to environmental pollution and global warming. For this reason we must think of feasible solutions to disposal the sewage sludge by capitalization it and energy recovery. One of the most interesting technologies for disposal the sewage sludge is the pyrolysis process. After the pyrolysis process of sewage sludge are obtained three types of products: bio-oil, syngas and biochar. Bio-oil can be used as an alternative fuel for fossil fuels after refining. Bio-char can be used as an adsorbent after an activation process for the capture and storage CO2. Pyrolysis is considered an environmentally friendly process because it reduces the emission of greenhouse gases, while heavy metals are concentrated in the final residue. In this paper are presented the advantages of sewage sludge pyrolysis.

Cite this paper: Zaharioiu, A.M., Bucura, F., Marin, F., Ionete, R.E., Oancea, S., Constantinescu, M.    (2021).  SUSTAINABLE FUELS OBTAINED FROM THE PYROLYSIS PROCESS OF SEWAGE SLUDGE. Current Trends in Natural Sciences, 10(19), 16-24.

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