Duraid K.A. AL-Taey, Saadoon A.H. Saadoon, Saad S.M.ALAzawi
Full Text PDF | CAT, Kinetin, POX, Oxidative stress, Salinity

Soil salinity reduces water availability of plant roots via negative (low) osmosis potential, as well as decrease of germination dynamics of plant seeds by ionic toxicity of Na and Cl, Significant differences in fruit-set, yield, photosynthetic rates, stomatal conductance, total chlorophyll content, proline, In general, salinity affects almost every aspect of the physiology and biochemistry of plants. This experiment was conducted on a private farm in Babylon Governorate at the period from 1/10/ 2013  to 15/5/ 2014, to study the effect of Kinetin treatment with three concentrations (0, 20 & 40 mg /liter ) and the quality of irrigation water in three levels ( 1.3 , 5 & 10)  dS.m-1 the water salinity increased the POX and CAT  activity, sodium and proline contents in leaves, resulting in decreased growth and leaf contents of  NPK, The Kinetin applications alleviated negative effects of saline water by increasing dry weights of roots and NPK contents in leaves with an increasing of  POX and CAT activity, and reduction of sodium contents in leaves.

Cite this paper: AL-Taey, D.K.A., Saadoon, S.A.H., ALAzawi, S.S.M. (2021). STUDY OF KINETIN TRAETMENT ON GROWTH AND ACTIVITY OF SOME ANTIOXIDANT ENZYMES OF SPINACH UNDER SALT STRESS. Current Trends in Natural Sciences, 10(19), 457-465. https://doi.org/10.47068/ctns.2021.v10i19.061

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