Felicia-Oana Bîrzanu, Ion Mitrea
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Orthoptera comprise an order of common insects, most of which are phytophagous, but there are also predatory orthoptera.  They are found all over the world and adapt to the environmental conditions in which they are found.

Orthoptera insects are pests of vegetable plants, destroying large areas, so vegetable growers are familiar with them.

The research was carried out in the Amărăștii de Jos stationary in 2020 in vegetable crops. The aim of the research was to identify orthoptera species in vegetable crops and two methods were used to collect them: the beer trap method and the Barber soil trap method). Orthopteran insects were identified with the help of specialized determiners, then classified by family down to species level. Orthoptera currently identified in the stationary studied included six species, namely: Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa, Gryllus campestris, Gryllus desertus, Acrida hungarica, Dociostaurus maroccanus and Calliptamus italicus. The species with the most specimens is Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa (42 specimens) and the species with the fewest specimens is Dociostaurus maroccanus (3 specimens).

Cite this paper: Bîrzanu, F.O., Mitrea, I. (2021). RESEARCH ON THE ENTOMOFAUNA OF ORTHOPTERA  IN SOME VEGETABLE CROPS IN SOUTHERN OLTENIA . Current Trends in Natural Sciences, 10(19), 187-193. https://doi.org/10.47068/ctns.2021.v10i19.025

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