Mihai Simon, Loredana Copăcean, Cosmin Popescu, Margareta Măgureanu, Luminiţa Cojocariu
Full Text PDF | agricultural space, inventory, orthophotoplan, UAS technology.

The importance of research in the field of topo-cadastral or photogrammetry has been revealed by many studies but strictly with reference to the general cadastre without considering the relevance for agriculture: arable land, pastoral space, forests or other uses. In this context, the purpose of the research was to bring "automated" alternatives, remotely, to the preparation, updating or completion of cadastral plans available in the past in analog format, at the level of each ATU. The working methodology consisted of: flying over the territory with WingtraOne photogrammetric equipment, at an altitude of 300 m, generating the orthophotoplan with very high spatial resolution (below 0.5 m), vectoring the lands according to the category of use, both in the urban area and outside the commune and the creation of geospatial databases. The obtained results materialized through the topo-cadastral inventory of all the buildings in the analyzed territory (arable land, pastures, hayfields, forests, built spaces, etc.), both as a spatial location (vector format) and as a descriptive database. The application of high precision photogrammetric techniques has a practical application in real estate inventory, especially in the case of large areas, but also a complement to theoretical research in various fields.

Cite this paper: Simon, M., Copăcean, L., Popescu, C.,  Măgureanu, M., Cojocariu, L. (2021). POSSIBILITIES OF OBTAINING CADASTRAL PLANS ON LARGE SURFACES USING AERIAL PHOTOGRAMMETRY. Current Trends in Natural Sciences, 10(19), 142-150. https://doi.org/10.47068/ctns.2021.v10i19.019

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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