Margareta Corneanu, Iulia Mineață, Elena Iurea, Iuliana-Elena Golache, Sorina Sîrbu
Full Text PDF | bud swelling , Cerasus vulgaris Mill., cultivars, physical characteristics, soluble dry substances

The paper presents some aspects regarding the influence of environmental factors in 2020 on the development and fruiting of local and foreign sour cherry cultivars. Phenological stages, fruit quality traits and other chemical parameters were studied. The swelling of the buds started with March 07th (`Țarina`), while  the beginning of  flowering varied during 11 days, taking place between April 8-19th  to April 26th. Fruit`s weight have varied between 3.34 g (`Erdi Ipari`) and 6.28 g (`Erdi Bibor`), but of the stone between 0.20 g (`Erdi Ipari`) and 0.32 g (`Erdi Bibor`). Regarding the equatorial diameter, it varied between 16.98 mm and 22.37 mm for the varieties `Erdi Ipari` and respectively `Erdi Bibor`. The fruit ripening took place between June 3rd and 20th. The values of the soluble dry solids recorded data ranging from 13.84% (`Erdi Korai`) to 17.10% (`Erdi Bibor`). The studied sour cherry cultivars showed variability, but some were remarked through the size of the fruit and the high level of soluble dry substances, or by the degree of adaptability to the soil and climate conditions in Northeastern Romania.

Cite this paper: Corneanu, M., Mineață, I., Iurea, E., Golache, I.E., Sîrbu, S. (2021). PHENOLOGICAL STAGES AND FRUIT QUALITY PARAMETERS OF SOUR CHERRY GENOTYPES IN ROMANIAN CONDITIONS. Current Trends in Natural Sciences, 10(19), 341-345.

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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