Aurelian Leonardo Ilie, Mariana Marinescu, Ilie Hoza
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The paper presents the results of the researches performed by the authors between 2000-2019 regarding the biology and the ecology of the species Turdus pilaris L. in the western half of Romania.The extension of the territory, breeding, clutch size, behaviour, number of generations , the phenology and food were studied. The height of nests above the ground varied till to 20 meters in a different trees. The nest is cup – shaped and the material of construction is extremely different : moss, roots, dry twigs, ground mixed with grass, herbs. It presents 2 -3 yearly generations, a complete clutch consists of 5 – 6 eggs. The post – embrionic development lasts 12 – 16 days. The phenology is different : in high hilly  and the mountainous areas the species is sedentary, in low hilly and plain areas the  species is partial – migratory or passage or in many times winter visitor. The food is extremely different: insects, fruits, worms, spiders, molusca, little mammals.

Cite this paper: Ilie, A.L., Marinescu, M., Hoza, I. (2021). OBSERVATIONS REGARDING THE BIOLOGY AND THE ECOLOGY OF THE SPECIES TURDUS PILARIS LINNAEUS 1758 IN THE WESTERN HALF OF ROMANIA. Current Trends in Natural Sciences, 10(19), 453-456.

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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