Ruby Khan
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Antibiotics are a major secondary metabolite produced by a wide range of bacteria. The microbes developed various antibiotics that could be used to treat various infectious diseases. Are useful In vitro isolation, the culture and care of bacteria are quite simple, and we can easily improve their stress. The main soil pathogens of the Bacillus species are caused by important antibiotics such as bactericidal Endospores produced by the Bacillus species are very resistant. They are always found to inhibit the growth of other microbes. In the present research study, soil bacteria with antimicrobial activity have been screened and isolated. Subsequently, various pathogenic bacterial lawns were prepared to check the antimicrobial activity against various pathogens. Different zones are observed against different pathogenic bacteria. Comparison of antimicrobial activity of soil isolation with different antibiotic discs as well as various pathogenic bacteria. A clear zone of soil isolates of 5 mm, 15 mm, 21 mm, 12 mm, 30 mm, 32 mm and 40 mm against germs or pathogenic bacteria. The zones produced by antibiotic discs against pathogenic bacteria were zones of 5 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm, and 21 mm observed.

Cite this paper: Khan, R. (2021). ISOLATION OF ANTIBIOTIC PRODUCING BACTERIA FROM SOIL. Current Trends in Natural Sciences, 10(19), 407-415.

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