Adriana Laura Mihai, Mioara Negoiță, Gabriela-Andreea Horneț, Alina Cristina Adascălului
Full Text PDF | acrylamide, French fries, frying oil, palm oil, sunflower oil

The study aimed to investigate the influence of repeated frying processes of potatoes in a fryer on the acrylamide content of French fries. For deep-frying, potatoes of the Asinaria variety, sunflower and palm oils were used. For each oil type, five frying cycles at 170°C, for 6 min were performed and the acrylamide content of the final product was analyzed using the solid phase extraction (SPE) technique and the GC-MS/MS method. The acrylamide content increased in the case of sunflower oil in the first three frying cycles, while for palm oil it increased in the fourth frying cycles, then a decrease was recorded. The mean acrylamide content of French fries samples fried in sunflower oil (1477.07 μg/kg) was higher than the one of French fries fried in palm oil (1258.95 μg/kg). For all samples analyzed, the acrylamide content exceeded the benchmark level of 500 μg/kg settled by the EU 2017/2158. The acrylamide content of French fries was correlated with the color parameter L*.

Cite this paper: Mihai, A.L., Negoiță, M., Horneț, G.A., Adascălului, A.C. (2021). EFFECT OF REPEATED DEEP-FAT FRYING OF FRENCH FRIES IN SUNFLOWER AND PALM OILS ON THE ACRYLAMIDE CONTENT. Current Trends in Natural Sciences, 10(19), 354-361.

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