Oana-Alexandra Drăghiceanu, Monica Popescu, Codruța Mihaela Dobrescu, Liliana Cristina Soare
Full Text PDF | cadmium, pigments, polyphenols, spores.

In this study we evaluate the influence of cadmium (Cd) on the spores from Athyrium filix-femina (Linnaeus) Roth (1799), Dryopteris filix-mas (Linnaeus) Schott (1834) and D. affinis (Lowe) Fraser-Jenkins (1979) starting with the gametophyte and sporophyte differentiation and continued with the biochemical changes. For spores cultivation we used soil treated with Knop solution in which different amounts of Cd acetate were dissolved and we obtained the folowing variants: V1Cd = 0,01g Cd2+kg-1; V2Cd = 0,02 g Cd2+kg-1; V3Cd = 0,05 g Cd2+kg-1; V4Cd = 0,1 g Cd2+kg-1. For 4 months we monitored the gametophyte and sporophyte differentiation and after that we determinate the amount of photosynthetic pigments and the content of polyphenols. Over time, the differences between the variants regarding the differentiation of gametophyte were reduced, and the sporophyte appeared in all variants. The smallest concentration of Cd stimulate the amount of assimilatory pigments and the content of polyphenols increased at the highest concentrations of Cd.

Cite this paper: Drăghiceanu, O.A., Popescu, M., Dobrescu, C.M., Soare, L.C. (2021). CADMIUM CHRONIC EXPOSURE. MORPHOLOGICAL AND BIOCHEMICAL CHANGES ON THE SPORES FROM ATHYRIUM FILIX-FEMINA (L.) ROTH, DRYOPTERIS FILIX-MAS (L.) SCHOTT AND DRYOPTERIS AFFINIS (LOWE) FRASER-JENKINS. Current Trends in Natural Sciences, 10(19), 06-15. https://doi.org/10.47068/ctns.2021.v10i19.001

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