Sándor Rózsa, Dănuț-Nicolae Măniuțiu, Gheorghe Poșta, Tincuța-Marta Gocan, Vasile Lazăr
Full Text PDF | bell peppers, polyethylene foil, quality, technological flow.

The importance of bell peppers and its share in the culture has increased greatly in recent years, due to the intensification of demand for this product on the market. In the technology of capitalization of fresh bell peppers, the achievement of an appropriate technological flow requires many specific technical and organizational specifications. At the same time, it is necessary to maintain the quality of the peppers during different transport periods, in normal or refrigerated conditions. In the technological flow of capitalizing on bell peppers, the transit period can be extended depending on the hybrid by 7-10 days in uncooled spaces and with 20-32 days in cooled spaces, by covering the products packed in boxes with polyethylene foil to achieve a relative humidity of almost 98%. Covering the boxes with polyethylene foil reduces weight loss during transport with 4.57% in uncooled spaces and with 1.29% in refrigerated spaces. In 30 days of storage, the content of vitamin C in the Belladonna F1 hybrid decreased by 24 mg and with 21 mg in the Blondy F1 hybrid.

Cite this paper: Rozsa, S., Mănuțiu, D.N., Poșta, G., Gocan, T.M., Lazăr, V. (2020). RESEARCH ON MAINTAINING THE QUALITY OF TWO HYBRIDS OF BELL PEPPERS AFTER HARVEST. Current Trends in Natural Sciences, 9(18), 47-51. https://doi.org/10.47068/ctns.2020.v9i18.007

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