Mădălina Doltu, Dorin Sora, Marian Bogoescu, Ioana Cucu
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The watermelons are valuable vegetables. The research aim has been to establish of the technological stages for producing of Dutch and Romanian scion and rootstock seedlings from Citrullus lanatus, Cucumis metuliferus, Benicasa hispida and Lagenaria siceraria, to obtain some compatible phenotypes to grafting. The experience was carried out on a cultivars collection consisting from a Dutch watermelon scion (Baronesa F1 hybrid, Sugar baby type), two Romanian rootstocks (Kiwano and Zefir) and a Dutch rootstock (Pelops F1 hybrid). The scion and rootstock diameters have been correlated for manual grafting, cutting with a cotyledonous leaf and method by splice in silicone clip. The technological stages for obtaining of grafted watermelons have been established for the researched genotypes. These genotypic combinations (C. lanatus x C. metuliferus, C. lanatus x B. hispida, C. lanatus x L. siceraria) have been compatible for watermelon grafting in south area of Romania.

Cite this paper: Doltu, M., Sora, D., Bogoescu, M., Cucu, I. (2020). OBTAINING OF SOME GRAFTED WATERMELON SEEDLINGS (CITRULLUS LANATUS SCION X CUCUMIS METULIFERUS, BENICASA HISPIDA AND LAGENARIA SICERARIA ROOTSTOCKS). Current Trends in Natural Sciences, 9(18), 86-91. https://doi.org/10.47068/ctns.2020.v9i18.012

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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