Adriana Macri, Fulvia-Ancuța Manolache
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Obesity is a disease characterized by an increase in body’s fat mass, resulting in an excess of weight added to the normal body weight, with implications for the aesthetic, psychosocial and biological condition of the patient.  In order to identify the nutritional status of people from this group a market research was performed on a representative sample, at national level of 189 persons, from which 28% of them are suffering from other diseases). The selection of the respondents was made by: simple probabilistic technique, random digital dialing selection; non-probabilistic technique, by „snow ball” selection. Persons’ investigation was carried out on the basis of a previously elaborated questionnaire. The market research highlighted the dietary structure of these people, the food categories preferred by them and consumed weekly, as well as the weekly frequency of consumption.

The results indicated a hypercaloric diet of those people, containing caloric concentrated foods (eg. pork, sausages, sweets), normally forbidden within the nutrition plan of an overweight/obese person, and insufficient fiber content.

Cite this paper: Macri, A., Manolache, F.A. (2020). IDENTIFICATION OF THE NUTRITIONAL STATUS AND EATING HABITS OF THE POPULATION GROUP “OVERWEIGHT AND OBESE PEOPLE”. Current Trends in Natural Sciences, 9(18), 75-85.

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