Tiberius Danalache, Elena Holban, György Deák, Cosmin Parlog, Razvan Matache, Mihaela Cudalbeanu, Carmen Georgeta Nicolae
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The Lower Danube River is an important river both as a navigation pathway that connects Western and Eastern Europe and as a natural environment providing the carrying capacity for a variety of important fish species. In the Lower Danube, the most complex studies on fish fauna inventory date back to Grigore Antipa and Petru Bănărescu. This current study aims to contribute to the updating of the knowledge base regarding the identification of the fish species from the Lower Danube River, using data from the monitoring campaigns undertaken by the expert teams of the INCDPM Bucharest as well as data collected form the literature.

The data collection methods for the fish inventory undertaken by the INCDPM Bucharest’s experts consisted of two techniques depending on the ecological requirements of the investigated species: standardized method for electrofishing (SR EN 14011/2003) and drift netting.

A total of 66 species were identified on the entire Lower Danube River, representing 80.49 % of the baseline. The river stretch between Iron Gates II (rkm 853) and Danube Delta (rkm 0 – Black Sea) has the highest species richness with 53species. These represent 80.30 % of the total identified fish species of the Lower Danube .Both the river sectors Călărași – Isaccea (rkm 375-100) and the Danube Delta- Black Sea (rkm 100-0) had the highest number of species of Community interest – 22 fish species.

Further research is recommended in the area between the Iron Damn I and II where the newly formed lentic ecosystem requires more monitoring campaigns.

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