Abdelwahab Chedad, Djamel Bendjoudi, Omar Guezoul
Full Text PDF | Algeria, Expansion, Fringillidae, migration, sedentarization.

Fringillidae are a large family of the order Passeriformes where 07 species have been mentioned in Ghardaïa, north of the Algerian northern Sahara. Range mapping and phenological status was studied between 2017 and 2020 and based on monthly sampling using the method Progressive Frequency Sampling (EFP) throughout the territory of the Ghardaïa region. From seven species that have been reported, four species have wintering phenological status (Hawfinch Coccothraustes coccothraustes, Common Linnet linaria cannabina, Eurasian Siskin Spinus spinus and European Greenfinch Chloris chloris), two species (Trumpeter Finch Bucanetes Githagineus and European Serin Serinus serinus) have a sequentially phenological resident breeder and summer-migrant status; for Brambling Fringilla montifringilla, the status is not yet identified. The winter, summer or accidental observations of some species of the family Fringillidae in southern Algeria including the region of Ghardaïa considered as a form of expansion from North to South, where the latter, probably caused by several factors. At the national level two species are protected by Algerian law N°12-235 (Coccothraustes coccothraustes, Serinus serinus) and internationally all species have the least concern  status according to the IUCN Red List, on the other hand, according to the Berne convention, six species listed on annex II and only one species (Fringilla montifringilla) listed on annex III. 

Cite this paper: Chedad, A., Bendjoudi, D., Guezoul, O. (2020). EXPANSION OF SOME SPECIES OF THE FRINGILLIDAE FAMILY IN THE ALGERIAN NORTHERN SAHARA. Current Trends in Natural Sciences, 9(18), 92-99. https://doi.org/10.47068/ctns.2020.v9i18.013

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