Nour El Imene Boublata, Wafa Habbachi, Sarra Habbachi, Fatma Zohra Saadane, Saliha Benhissen, Abdelkrim Tahraoui
Full Text PDF | Anxious behavior, Cleome arabica, Saharan plant, Wistar rat.

Cleome arabica is a spontaneous plant in arid areas, toxic and has hallucinogenic effects. Despite its dangers, this plant is used till now in folk medicine. In this work we seek to evaluate the aqueous extract effect of this plant on the Wistar rat anxiety behaviour and their effects in stress physiology (effect in glycemia, ACTH hormone, creatinine, cholesterol...etc.). To do there, the treatment is done by gavage of 1ml C. arabica (0.17µg/l) for 7 successive days.

Different behavioral tests (raised cross maze, open field and forced swimming) show that the plant extract had a significant impact on the anxiety level (treated rats exhibit anxious behavior). This extract has a significant influence on biochemical parameters (glycemia, cholesterol, triglycerides, urea, and creatinine) and on the ACTH hormone (Adreno CorticoTropic Hormone).

Cite this paper: Boublata, N.E.I., Habbachi, W., Habbachi, S., Saadane, F.Z., Benhissen, S., Tahraoui, A. (2020). EFFECTS OF CLEOME ARABICA AQUEOUS EXTRACTS IN WISTAR RAT’S BEHAVIOR, BIOCHEMISTRY PARAMETERS AND ACTH HORMONE. Current Trends in Natural Sciences, 9(18), 202-209.

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