Djekrif Ghania, Bendjemana Katia, Satta Dalila
Full Text PDF | Algeria Population, Cytochrome P450 1A1, Genetic polymorphism, MspI, Nasopharyngeal carcinoma.

CYP1A1 polymorphisms are known to play a crucial role in the development and metastasis of malignant diseases including nasopharyngeal cancer (NPC). Individual susceptibility to cancer from environmental agents may be influenced by polymorphic metabolic gene (CYP1A1). The present study was carried out to analyze the relationship between CYP1A1 genetic polymorphism and the risk of developing nasopharyngeal cancer (NPC). The study involved 70 patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma, compared with 100 healthy controls. Genomic DNA samples were assayed for restriction fragment length polymorphisms in the CYP1A1 by PCR amplification followed by digestion with MspI and BsrDI. The frequency comparison between the two groups was determined by the χ(2) test. Showed that the distribution of CYP1A1 mt/mt allele frequency was found to be significantly different between controls (6%) and cancer cases (11%) along with twice increase of the NPC risk in Algeria (OR=2.5, CI 95% [1.72-2.30])

Our results are in line with those found for other populations and subsequent they emphasize the importance of the involvement of this gene in the development of the NPC detoxification process, which exhibited more and more strong association with environmental factors.

Cite this paper: Ghania, D., Katia, B., Dalila, S. (2020). CYP1A1 GENE POLYMORPHISM AND NASOPHARYNGEAL CARCINOMA IN ALGERIAN POPULATION. Current Trends in Natural Sciences, 9(18), 218-225.

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