Mihai Simon, Cosmin Popescu, Loredana Copăcean, Luminiţa Cojocariu
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The aim of this study was to demonstrate the applicability and opportunity of the means and methods of remote sensing (MMS) and photogrammetry (UAV) in rendering faithfully, with very high accuracy and precision, the components of geographical space, "remotely", without a direct contact with the investigated objective. As a case study, a immobile consisting of a construction and the related agricultural land, located in a rural locality, was chosen. To investigate the targeted immobile, a flight with UAV equipment (DJI Phantom 4RTK) and a "ground" scan with MMS equipment (Leica Pegasus Backpack) was performed. After the acquisition and separate processing, the data obtained through the two technologies (point clouds, orthophotoplans or images), were analyzed and processed in a "combined" way, in this case being obvious their complementarity relationship. As both the drone and the scanner have incorporated GNSS and INS equipment, the data obtained are "in coordinates" and therefore the use of control points and the georeferencing operation is excluded. By combining these "remote" measurements, the detailed topographic survey (with GPS and total station) is replaced and by 3D analysis all the details from the outside, but also from inside the plot are captured. By creating the orthophotoplan, the way of land use, aspects related to vegetation or the way of arrangement can be analyzed. The equipment used and the working methodology "experienced" in this study can be applied in any type of space or for any purpose.


Cite this paper: Simon, M., Popescu, C., Copăcean, L., Cojocariu, L. (2020). UAV AND MMS - MODERN, REMOTE TECHNOLOGIES, USED COMPLEMENTARY TO THE INVESTIGATION OF THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENT AND THE BUILT SPACE. Current Trends in Natural Sciences, 9(17), 117-125. https://doi.org/10.47068/ctns.2020.v9i17.013

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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