Monica Popescu
Full Text PDF | Ascophyllum nodosum, cucumber plants, sodium chloride, tomato plants.

Natural extracts such as seaweed extracts or extracts obtained from different plant organs often enhancing growth, and ability to tolerate salt stress. Marine bioactive substances obtained from seaweeds are used for many years to improve plant physiological processes. Previous studies performed in the Plant Physiology laboratory of the University of Pitesti showed that seaweeds extract obtained from Ascophyllum nodosum decrease the oxidative stress produced by abiotic stress. In our research we investigated the response of cucumber and tomato plants treated with a seaweeds extract (SuperFifty product), under salt stress conditions (100 mM NaCl). SuperFifty is a concentrated extract of seaweed with strong antioxidant activity, which improves the productivity and development of root system. The two species behaved differently, showing a different sensitivity to the stressful action of sodium chloride. The seaweeds extract had a partial effect of reducing saline stress in both species.


Cite this paper: Popescu, M. (2020). THE ROLE OF SEAWEEDS EXTRACTS AS ALLEVIATORS OF SALT STRESS IN CUCUMBER AND TOMATO PLANTS. Current Trends in Natural Sciences, 9(17), 201-204.

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