Alina - Mihaela Truţă
Full Text PDF | environmental quality, Olăneşti River, phyto and zoobenthic structure

The Olăneşti River is part of the Olt Basin, springs from the Căpăţânii Mountains and flows in a south-southeast direction, flowing into the Olt River south of the municipality of Rm. Vâlcea, after covering a route of 38 km. It has as tributaries the following rivers: Stoica, Comanca, Cheia, Câinelui and Izvoarele Olăneşti. Through this study we aimed to characterize the phyto and zoobenthic structure of the Olanesti River. In order to achieve the proposed goal, the following objectives were taken into account: identification of the taxa that make up the phyto and zoobenthic biocenoses; systematic classification of identified species; establishing the ecological spectrum of families and the relative abundance of macrozoobenthos species; establishing the saprob index and the saprobe value for each river sector studied. Following the research carried out on the Olăneşti River regarding the structure of the benthic biocenosis, 34 phytobenthic species belonging to Phyllum Bacillariophyta and 23 zoobenthic species were identified. The analysis of the ecological spectrum reveals the largest share in the Baëtidae family. The saprobic value for each station is below 1.65 indicating that the whole river is in the β-mesosaprobic zone, respectively the good ecological status.


Cite this paper: Truţă, A.M. (2020). RESEARCH ON THE STRUCTURE OF THE BENTHIC BIOCENOSIS OF OLĂNEŞTI RIVER. Current Trends in Natural Sciences, 9(17), 322-336.

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