Crisan Vlad, Lucian Dincă, Sorin Deca
Full Text PDF | “Alexandru Beldie” Herbarium, Jepi Mountains, plant vouchers.

The present article describes the plants collected from Jepi Mountains area (Bucegi) and present in one of the most important Romanian herbarium - “Alexandru Beldie” Herbarium from “Marin Drăcea” National Institute for Research and Development in Forestry. The article presents the studied material, the number of vouchers with species harvested from this area as well as some characteristics of this great plant collection. The most important species collected from Jepi Mountains are also mentioned, with an analysis of their characteristics: the collection’s creation period and the plant’s harvesting periods. The plants collected from this area belong to 54 different genera. Most of them belong to Hieracium and Gentiana and were collected during the last century, starting with 1900 and ending in 1999. The found genera were systematized, with an emphasis on the most representative ones. Furthermore, the specialists that had an important contribution for the representation of Jepi Mountains within the herbarium are also mentioned and honored.


Cite this paper: Vlad, C., Dincă, L., Deca, S. (2020). PLANTS FROM JEPI MOUNTAINS, BUCEGI, PRESENT IN "ALEXANDRU BELDIE" HERBARIUM. Current Trends in Natural Sciences, 9(17), 160-167.

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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