Aurelian Leonardo Ilie, Mariana Marinescu
Full Text PDF | anomalies, nesting, phenological, Romania, western.

The paper presents the researches about the phenological anomalies and other curiosities regarding the nesting of birds from the western half of Romania during 1996-2020. These anomalies and curiosities were observed at 36 bird species belonging to 31 genera. The majority of these data are not mentioned in the scientific literature. During the analyzed period the following phenological anomalies and other curiosities were founded: additional clutches at 13 species: premature generation at 1 species, delayed generations at 1 species, copula and mating rituals in the cold season at 2 species, additional number of eggs in a clutch  at 5 species, confirmation of additional generations at 2 species, little number of eggs at 1 species, curiosities regarding the location of the nest or its height relative to the ground at 6 species, additional generations (with chicks) at 15 species. If these climatic changes persist or worsen, phenological abnormalities in nesting of birds will be observed in a larger number of species and the phenological categories in which they are included will change.


Cite this paper: llie, A.L., Marinescu, M. (2020). PHENOLOGICAL ANOMALIES AND OTHER CURIOSITIES REGARDING THE NESTING OF BIRDS FROM THE WESTERN HALF OF ROMANIA. Current Trends in Natural Sciences, 9(17), 187-193.

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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