Aguriţa Aftudor–Manolache, Cristina Ionela Turcu, Margareta Corneanu, Ionel Perju
Full Text PDF | Adoxophyes reticulana Hb., Apple, Cydia pomonella L., Phylonorichter blancardella F.

The experience was organized within the Research Station for Fruit Growing Iasi, at Fălticeni Development Center, into intensive apple plantation. As varieties were taken in account Jonathan, Golden delicious and Starkrimson grafted on MM106, planted at distances of 4 x 2.5 meters, as a form of crown shape palmette type. For the monitoring of the pests, traps with synthetic sex pheromones such as atraPOM, atraRET, atraBLANC were used for three Lepidoptera sp. from the apple plantation, namely: Cydia pomonella L., Phylonorichter blancardella F., Adoxophyes reticulana Hb. The first two monitored species showed large peaks of flight curves between May and August. The first hibernating larvae of Adoxophyes reticulana Hb were observed in the crown of trees of Golden and Starkrimson varieties, at April 14, during the leafing period. The first flight of the species Cydia pomonella L. was registered on May 9 and the flight of Phylonorichter blancardella F., butterflies was registered in mid-June. Insecticides were very effective in controlling these pests: Mospilan-0.03% (0.45kg / ha) for the pink bud phenophase (BBCH 57) and Reldan 22EC -0.15% (2.2l / ha) for fruit with a diameter 1 cm (BBCH 71) for the biological reserve of Adoxophyes reticulana Hb., larvae; Calypso -0.02% (0.3l / ha) and Coragen 0.15 l / ha for the second generation of Cydia pomonella L.

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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