Isa Tepe, Mahmut Kaplan
Full Text PDF | chemical composition, herbage yield, sainfoin.

This study was conducted to determine green herbage yield, dry herbage yield, crude protein yield, ADF, NDF ratios, crude protein ratio, crude oil, crude ash and tannin ratios of 26 sainfoin genotypes and to identify superior genotypes in terms of yield and quality traits. Experiments were conducted in randomized blocks design with tree replications in 2017-2018 growing season. Significant differences were observed in investigated traits of the genotypes. Green herbage yields varied between 765.36 - 2737.25 kg/da, dry herbage yields between 281.01 - 693.42 kg/da, crude protein yields between 48.96 - 133.34 kg/da, crude protein ratios between 11.81 - 23.78%, crude ash ratios between 4.42 - 8.02%, ADF ratios between 37.12 - 56.76%, NDF ratios between 42.12 - 67.01%, crude oil ratios between 0.81 - 1.73% and condensed tannin contents 1.35 - 5.78%. Therefore, it was recommended for Kayseri province and the regions with similar climate and soil conditions.


Cite this paper: Tepe, I., Kaplan, M. (2020). HERBAGE YIELDS AND QUALITY TRAITS OF DIFFERENT SAINFOIN GENOTYPES. Current Trends in Natural Sciences, 9(17), 83-88.

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