Hasan Pinar, Nadide Kılınc, Aydın Uzun
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Seedling development is important in vitro production. Sometimes, lots of in vitro plant materials have died under acclimatization. Humidity and temperature are important factor during acclimatization of banana plantlets. But these factors have varied as banana cultivars. In this study, it is investigated effect of dıfferent temperature and moısture on development of ın vıtro derıved banana seedlıngs belong to two banana cultivars. In present study, it is aimed to determine of effect of different temperatures and moisture on development of in vitro derived banana seedlings. Rooted seedlings of two different banana cultivar which grown in Turkey which about 5-6 cm height were transferred to peat: petlite media and they were grown under 22, 24, 26 0C temperature and 70%, 80% and 90% humidity. As obtained results, Nefir Deniz cultivar had highest plant height under 80% humidty+26 C (8.26 cm) and lowest plant height was under 90% humidty+22 0(6.24 cm). Nefir AZ banana cultivar had highest plant height under 70% humidty+22 0C (9.53 cm) and lowest plant height was under 80% humidty+24 0C (6.12 cm). Obtained results show that different humidity and temperature conditions should applied for different banana cultivar seedling acclimatization.


Cite this paper: Pinar, H., Kılınc, N., Uzun, A. (2020). EFFECT OF DIFFERENT TEMPERATURE AND MOISTURE ON DEVELOPMENT OF IN VITRO DERIVED BANANA PLANTLETS. Current Trends in Natural Sciences, 9(17), 216-221. https://doi.org/10.47068/ctns.2020.v9i17.027

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