Silvana Mihaela Dănăilă-Guidea, Cristina-Andreea Stan, Floarea Burnichi, Luminiţa-Valerica Vişan, Ricuţa-Vasilica Dobrinoiu, Ciprian-Nicolae Popa, Radiana-Maria Tamba-Berehoiu
Full Text PDF | basil, in vitro culture, morphogenetic response

Basil is a plant known since ancient times for its properties (carminative, antiseptic), being considered a sacred plant. With the passage of time and with the diversification of assortments, basil was used for decorative and aromatic purposes, being considered a spicy plant. Red basil is also used in the perfume industry due to the pleasant aroma it possesses. Multiplication procedures were developed by in vitro cultures, using varieties of Romanian origin: 4 from red basil (lines: L9, L10, L11, L12) and 9 from green basil, characterized by special aromas and leaf shapes. When evaluating the germination yield, the percentages varied between 45-80% for aseptically inoculated red basil seeds on culture medium. And in the case of green basil varieties, the yield varied between 25 -100% after sowing in universal organic substrate. For the seeds of the green basil varieties, the sowing was performed in universal organic substrate, and the germination yield varied between 25 -100%. The types of explants taken from the resulting seedlings were represented by stems (fragments of hypocotyl and epicotyl), leaves and cotyledonary node. The induction of organogenesis was evaluated differently for each type of explant under the effect of phytohormones such as cytokinins (TDZ and BAP) added in concentrations of 0.5-2 mg/L to the basal culture medium MS / 1962. After 3 subcultures of the explants on the culture medium recipes (45 days), the organogenic yields expressed in vitro were compared.


Cite this paper: Dănăilă-Guidea, S.M., Stan, C.A., Burnichi, F., Vişan, L.V., Dobrinoiu, R.V., Popa, C.N., Tamba-Berehoiu, R.M. (2020). ASSESSMENT OF THE ORGANOGENIC RESPONSE TO THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF EXPLANTS FROM ROMANIAN VARIETIES OF RED AND GREEN BASIL. Current Trends in Natural Sciences, 9(17), 238-248.

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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