Daniela Giosanu, Florina Uleanu, Ştefania Trăneci, Mădălina Vulpe
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Over time, different ways have been used to increase vegetable production per unit area; from the crop systems used (field crops, protected crops and forced crops), to intensive land use (successive, associated, double and intercropping) and to the technologies applied to them. In this paper we aimed to observe some aspects related to the behavior of tomatoes grafted on potatoes.The biological material was represented by:  'Sweet Million F1' cherry tomato hybrid variety, "Carrera" white potatoes, "Memphis" red potatoes, "Blue Star" hybrid purple potatoes. The experimental variants were: tomato control variant, potatoes control variants and tomato variant grafted on red, white and purple potatoes. It was observed that the best grafting was the tomato version grafted on the red potato. The control potato variants had the highest production compared to the grafted ones.The control tomato variant registered the highest number of flowers and formed the most fruits.The three grafted variants had a lower degree of fruit binding compared to the control variant.


Cite this paper: Giosanu, D., Uleanu, F., Trăneci, Ş., Vulpe, M. (2020). ASPECTS REGARDING THE BEHAVIOR OF TOMATOES GRAFTED ON POTATOES. Current Trends in Natural Sciences, 9(17), 205-209. https://doi.org/10.47068/ctns.2020.v9i17.025

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