Claudiu Alexandru Baciu, Catalina Ciobanu, Alexandru Gabriel Marinescu
Full Text PDF | barium, concentration, exposure time, lethal dose, physiological indices

Under barium exposure, significant changes in respect of oxygen consumption, respiratory rate, red blood cell count and glycaemia were recorded in the specimens of crucian carp studied being viewed as a response to the stress caused by particulate matter.

The interval of the non-lethal concentration of the barium at the Carassius gibelio Bloch,1782 individuals is situated between 1 – 1500 mg/l, and the lethal concentration DL100 = 2000 mg/l. For the determination of DL 100 we used semistatic testing at 24 hours.

The highest variations of the physiological indices percentage-wise were seen in: glucose, whose value was in the control sample 49.33 mg/dl, and in the experimental sample, exposed to 40 mg/ l BaSo4 was 87 mg/dl, representing an increase of 76.36% after 336 hours and red blood cell count where values increased significantly by 183%, 152% respectively 120.41% in concentrations of 40, 35 and 30 mg/l of BaSO4.

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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