Olena Dubova, Olena Voitovych, Olena Boika
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Paulownia tomentosa is a large arborescence tree that planted mostly for its fast growing wood and look. The purpose of our work was to study the biological characteristics of Paulownia tomentosa in the conditions of the Zaporizhzhia city. The research was conducted with trees grown from seeds and planting in 2000-2019. Much attention was given to measurement  parameters of growth and development, and also physiological parameters of frost resistance Paulownia tomentosa under the  conditions of industrial city. The study of the features of the morphology of the vegetative organs of Paulownia tomentosa at the city of Zaporizhzhia showed that the investigated indicators of biomorphological development are within the normal range. According to the physiological - biochemical parameters of the carbohydrate metabolism of Paulownia tomentosa plants in autumn and winter, we can conclude that its winter resistance well enough. Paulownia tomentosa adapts to the climatic conditions of the city of Zaporizhzhia. According to the acclimatization level Paulownia tomentosa is well acclimated in the industrial city of Zaporizhzhia species with a high decorative qualities. So, it can be recommended for landscaping both parks and squares and streets of the industrial city.

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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