Ertan Ates, Hazim Serkan Tenikecier
Full Text PDF | forage yield, prussic acid, quality traits, sorghum-Sudangrass hybrids

Purpose of the experiment is to research the influence of different nitrogen doses on hydrocyanic acid content, forage yield and some forage quality traits in two sorghum-Sudan grass hybrids (cv. Nutri Honey and cv. Aneto. The experiment was laid out in a two-factor factorial in a randomized complete block design, with three replications. The ½ of the nitrogen fertilizers (0 (control), 40, 80, 120, 160 kg ha-1) were applied sowing and the rest of the nitrogen was given at plants reached 35 cm height. The plants were harvested at three cuts (15 cm from the ground) in year of the field trial at 100 cm plant height. Immediately after cutting, ½ of the nitrogen doses were applied to each plot and the rest of the nitrogen was given when the plants reached 35 cm height. The nitrogen application at the rate of 160 kg N ha-1 significantly increased the number of leaves per plant, stem diameter, HCN content, total green and dry matter yields, crude protein ratio over control. The maximum number of leaves per plant (40.69), stem diameter (1.34 cm), HCN content (106.71 mg kg-1), total green fodder yield (13.93 t ha-1), total dry matter yield (4.35 t ha-1) and crude protein ratio (14.23 %) were observed in 160 kg N ha-1. Cultivars crude fiber (28.37 %), acid detergent fiber (30.01 %) and neutral detergent fiber (57.09 %) contents decreased depending on the nitrogen doses. Cultivars 'Nutri Honey' and 'Aneto' were found to be the best choices in terms of crude protein, crude fiber, acid detergent fiber, neutral detergent fiber contents, total green fodder and dry matter yields and benefits when fertilized with nitrogen at the rate of 160 kg ha-1 under irrigated same ecological conditions. However, it should be noted that HCN content increases in this dose of nitrogen for green fodder.

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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