Leinar Septar, Ioan Stoli
Full Text PDF | fertilizer, fruit qulity, micro-irrigation, yield

Advances in micro-irrigation techniques have facilitated greater adoption of the application of fertilizers to crops through irrigation water; the technique is termed as fertigation. It is used extensively in commercial agriculture and horticulture. High fertilizer uptake efficiency provided by this nutrition method (about 67%) ensures minor environment pollution. The benefits of irrigation and fertigation only become evident if the correct irrigation design is employed to meet plant requirements and to distribute water and fertilizer constantly. The selection of the correct injection equipment is just as important as the selection of the correct nutrient. Incorrect selection of equipment can damage parts of the irrigation equipment or reduce the effectiveness of the nutrients. Climatic conditions, particularly chilling accumulation in winter and temperature and relative humidity in spring, affect shoot growth, flowering and fruit set, as well as the fruit growth and ripening rate.The paper proposes some concepts relative to fertigation of the fruit trees.

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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