Leinar Septar, Madalina Chiper, Luana Bocioroaga, Ioan Stoli
Full Text PDF | drought, soil water content, water stress

Irrigation is a vital management practice in fruit production regions of the world, particularly in arid and semi-arid climates. Vegetative and fruit growth are differentially sensitive to water deficit during the season depending on the stage of fruit growth. Deficit irrigation improve fruit composition and, in the short-term, increased tree water use efficiency because the water stress applied allow for an optimization of the balance between   vegetative and productive growth.  Insufficient water supply in the long-term may result in reduced tree growth, yield and fruit quality due to water stress. Deficit irrigation can be used in management strategy to reduce non-productive water consumption. The focus of the review is to present the results of studies and articles about to deficit irrigation on the fruit trees. The use water in regions with water deficit requires innovative and sustainable research, and an appropriate transfer of technologies. First, the paper proposes some concepts relative to water deficit.



Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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