Nicolaie Ionescu
Full Text PDF | achenes, capitula, pappus, S. vulgaris, style, variability

Among the important species to spread in crops is groundsel (Senecio vulgaris L.). Weed stands first several generations in a year, by a high coefficient of multiplication, and induce a high density. To them the necessary measures to establish some of its integrated management were needed some degree of variability. How the plant grows here reflects the specific existent ecotype at a time. From tests carried out showed that the disk had surrendered width of 3.8 mm, ligules total no. was 17, with an average length of 6 mm. In the capitula formed 60 achenes with average sizes of 2.7 mm long and 0.2 mm wide. Pappus measured 5.9 mm length and style fruit was 5.6 mm. Among the characters studied were established simple correlations (r). Some of these were positive:between the disc diameter with achenes dimensions (r = 0.228* for length, and r = 0.232* for width). An-significant negative links were found between the number of achenes/ capitula and achene size (r = -0.064 of length, and r = -0.017 of width). The present study demonstrated the wide possibilities that weed was adapted in the agricultural field, regardless of the crop.

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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