Monica Popescu
Full Text PDF | carrot roots extract, garlic extract, seaweeds extract, salt stress,

More and more cultivated areas are affected by high salt content. Natural extracts such as seaweed extracts or extracts obtained from different plant organs often enhancing growth, and ability to tolerate abiotic stress. Carrot roots extract or garlic extracts are some of the natural biostimulant compounds. Extracts from different kinds of plant material contain vitamins or precursors of vitamins, organic acids, phenolic compounds, hormones, which may be responsible for stimulating growth and increasing stress tolerance. In our work we investigated the response of seeds treated with natural extracts, under salt stress conditions (100 mM NaCl). Depending on the species and the concentration of the extracts, the germination and growth parameters showed significantly improved values, compared to the soaked seeds in the saline solution.

Current Trends in Natural Sciences

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